Volume 11. Number 1
December 2012

Original Articles

False Alarm Motion Detection Using the Hierarchical Block Matching Algorithm

Chiu-Chung Yu, M.S. ; Che-Yen Wen, Ph.D.

Multiple Liucense Plates Locatiopn Using the Optical Flow Algorithm and Blob Analysis

Chiu-Chung Yu, M.S. ; Che-Yen Wen, Ph.D.

Optimal Parameters for the GC/MS Quantitation of Barbiturates in Urine at Lower Concentration Levels

Hsiu-Yi Chou, M.S.; Wei-Tun Chang, Ph.D.; Chin-Thin Wang, Ph.D. ; Yang-Hung Liang, M.S.

Identification of Condom Lubricants by FT-IR

Li-Ling Cho, Ph.D.; Kai-Bin Huang, B.S.

Determination of Manufacturing Date of Confiscated Shotguns-A Case Report

Hsien-Hui Meng , Ph. D