Volume 12. Number 1
December 2013

Original Articles

DNA Typing Not Only Has Reactive Forensic Application But Also Plays A Proactive Investigation Role 

 Chun-Wei Tsai, M.S. ; Wen-Hsien Chien, M.S. ; Chiou-Herr Yang, Ph.D. ; Chung-Yen Pai

Identification of The Seized Meat Products for Suspected Cetasea   

Li-Chin Tsai, Ph.D.; James Chun-I Lee, Ph.D.; Lign-Lin Shen, B.S.; Hsing-Mei Hsieh*, Ph.D.

The Application of Polarized Light Microscopy to Identify MineralsíV A Preliminary Study of Forensic Geology

China E. Shieh; Yung-fou Chen, Ph.D.

A Study of Applying Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) to Crime Scene Documentations 

Che-Yen Wen1, Ph.D. ; Hsuan-Hsiao Chen, M.S. ; Chao-Kuo Lin, M.S. ; Wen-Chao Yang, M.B.A

The Effect of Ambient Temperature Variation to The Muzzle Energy of Airguns

Hsien-Hui Meng, Ph.D. ; Pei-Chieh Tsai, Ph.D. ; Yi-Hsun Chen, B.S.