Volume 13. Number 1
December 2014

Original Articles

Off-ladder Alleles and Tri-allelic Variants Observed in Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) Typing of Populations in Taiwan 

Chun-Wei Tsai, M.S.; Chung-Yen Pai, Ph.D.; Chiou-Herr Yang Ph.D.

DNA typing established as an unambiguous tool for species identification in a dispute case   

Sandeep Kumar Gupta; Chandra Prakash Sharma ; Lalji Singh

Investigating Between-Model Variation of the PaperMate® Pen Using Infrared Spectrum and Multivariate Statistical Techniques

Loong Chuen Lee, M.Sc

Identification of Puparia of Forensically Important Fly Species (Diptera: Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae) in Taiwan by Scanning Electron Microscopy

 Pung-Jae Hong, M.S.; Shiuh-Feng Shiao, Ph.D.; Chung-Yen Pai, Ph.D.; Chiou-Herr Yang, Ph.D.

The Muzzle Energies of Aboriginal Homemade Long Guns Discharging Blank Cartridges

Hsien-Hui Meng, Ph.D. ; Pei-Chieh Tsai, Ph.D. ; Hsei-Chang Lee, Ph.D. ; Jin-Jung Huang, M. Sc. ; Chuan-Yi Chen, B. Sc.