Volume 3. Number 1
October 2004 

A study on the dating of illegal firearms
    Hsien-Hui Meng Ph. D.

A correlative demonstration of various tool-marks of 9 mm auto-loading pistols on the spent cartridge cases based upon the formulation mechanism
    Mao-Hsiung Lin,;Chun-Chieh Chen

Color Image Models and its Applications to Document Examination
    Che-Yen Wen,Chun-Ming Chou

The Novel Data Dispersal and Verification Framework for Keeping Digital Evidence
    Wen-Chao Yang,Che-Yen Wen

Evaluation of chemical derivatization agents for the gas chromatographic-isotope dilution mass spectrometric determination of morphine and codeine in urine
    Sheng-Meng Wang,Su-Chia Ho,Ching-Hong Wu,Yun-Seng Giang

Characteristic of Calibration Curve Resulting from the Use of 2H-analogs of the Analyte as Internal Standards--Methamphetamine Example
    Julia Chiu , Wei-Tun Chang ,Yang-Hung Liang ,Chin-Thin Wang