Volume 5. Number 1
November 2006

Original Articles

Image authentication for digital image evidence

Che-Yen Wen, Ph.D.;Kun-Ta Yang,M.S.


The use of calibration approaches for quantitative GC/MS analysis -secobarbital example

Yi-Hung Wu, M.S.; Wei-Tun Chang, Ph.D.; Chin-Thin Wang, Ph.D.; Yang-Hung Liang, M.S.


Energy dispersive X-ray analysis of bullets commonly encountered in Taiwan

Hsien-Hui Meng, Ph. D.;Yen-Lin Chen, B. Sc.


Betel-quid chewing, but not smoking, has a significant impact on mitochondrial DNA sequence in buccal epithelial cellsˇXimplications for forensic DNA typing

Chung-Yen Pai,Ph.D.; Su-Lien Chou,M.S.; Chia Tien Chan,M.S.; Yen-Yuh Cheng,M.S.; Chiou-Herr Yang,Ph.D.


Determination of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in biological specimens by simultaneous extraction and chemical derivatization followed by GC-MS

 Sheng-Meng Wang, Ph.D.; Yun-Seng Giang, Ph.D.; Min-Jen Lu, B.S.; Tsung-Li Kuo, Ph.D.