Volume 6. Number 2
December 2007

Original Articles

Content based video retrieval with motion vectors and the RGB color model

Che-Yen Wen , Liang-Fan Chang, Hung-Hsin Li


Assessment of the role of a functional VNTR polymorphism in MAOA gene promoter:
a preliminary

Chung-Yen Pai, Su-Lien Chou, Frank Fu-Yuan Huang


Elucidation of the US urine specimen validity testing (SVT) policies and performance
evaluation of five clinical parameters for pre-screening adulterants in Taiwanˇ¦s opiates

Su-Lien Chou, Yun-Seng Giang 

The identification of burnt matches by scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive
X-ray spectrometry

Yueh-Hsiang Chen, Wei-Tun Chang


Case Report

Controversial cases of human gender identification by amelogenin test

CaseLi-Gi Kao , Li-Chin Tsai , James Chun-I Lee , Hsing-Mei Hsieh