Volume 8. Number 1
December 2009

Original Articles

Determination of codeine and morphine in Brown Mixture (opium preparations) in Taiwan using SPE and GC/MS

Hsiu-Chuan Liu, M.S.; Hsiu-O Ho, Ph.D.; Ray H. Liu, Ph.D.; Dong-Liang Lin, Ph.D.

Determination of energization state of Xenon high intensity discharge automobile headlights

Ross Ehmann, M.S.; Jorn C.C. Yu, Ph.D.

Analysis of the cytochrome b gene in Taiwanese populations

Li-Chin Tsai, Ph.D.; James Chun-I Lee, Ph.D; Apollo Chun-Yen Lin, M.S.; Cheng-Hsien Su, B.S.; Szu-Jung

Chen, B.S.; Hsing-Mei Hsieh, Ph.D.

Case Report

A sexual homicide case from HLA-DQ to 15 STR loci two sexual homicide defendants took fourteen years still waiting for the final judgment

Chun-Yao Shih, LL.M.; Chien-Min Hsu, Ph.D.