Volume 9. Number 1
October 2010

Original Articles

STR genotyping of skin residues inside gloves

Li-Chin Tsai, Ph.D.; James Chun-I Lee, Ph.D.; Yu-Ming Lin, M.S.; Pi-Yi Lai, M.S.; Hsing-Mei Hsieh, Ph.D.

Distribution of paternity index and random man not excluded values from a simulated parentage testing study

James Chun-I Lee, Ph.D.; Li-Chin Tsai, Ph.D.; Adrian Linacre, Ph.D.; Hsing-Mei Hsieh, Ph.D.

Sputter coating: a viable alternative for the development of latent prints on non-porous surfaces

Ian J. Turner, Ph.D.; Mark A. Burgess B.S.; Julian M. Love, M.S.; Paul T. Lynch, Ph. D.

Population analysis of forensically important Calliphoridae on pig corpses in Taiwan

I-Long Lin, M.S.; Chiou-Herr Yang, Ph.D.; Chung-Yen Pai, Ph.D.; Shiuh-Feng Shiao, Ph. D.

Similarity measurement of striation marks based upon the longest common subsequence method

Ming-Feng Lin, M.S.; Che-Yen Wen Ph.D.


The use of PCR change agent model to help reduce the backlog of forensic DNA specimens

Khalid M. Lodhi, D.Sc.; Robert L. Grier IV, Ph.D.; Muhammad A. Lodhi, Ph.D.; Yung-fou Chen, Ph.D.